Talk.CSS #56 with Eric Meyer and Daniel Tan

Remember in my last blog post I said Talk.CSS #56 would be a big one for me? Here’s why:

I presented my first ever CSS talk.

And I wasn’t alone in giving a talk today. I would have my turn… right after Eric Meyer.

Timestamps, courtesy of Makyen:

  1. 19:25 for Eric’s talk, Design in the background. Or watch separately via Engineers.SG.
  2. 58:48 for my talk, Introducing :is() and :where(). Or watch separately via Engineers.SG.

Before I get to the part about me, some brief thoughts on Hui Jing’s and Eric’s sharings:

So, getting to my talk now. Why the sudden decision to put together a presentation on PowerPoint about Selectors, my favorite thing? Because of this:

While it was super cool that we actually managed to get Eric to share with us, it was the last part of the tweet that had me shook: “this wind-up edition”. That’s right: Talk.CSS #56 was going to be the last ever Talk.CSS (meetup in this format, anyway).

You see, after I started speaking for the first time at Talk.CSS #46 at the beginning of the year, I had written this footnote:

You might be wondering why I haven’t made the obligatory “putting the ‘talk’ in Talk.CSS” quip… that’s because I’m not ready to give a full-on talk just yet. But maybe someday! I’m mostly just not comfortable being recorded (something Engineers.SG is really efficient at by the way). Much rather a written article were shared.

And since I hadn’t been attending Talk.CSS all year (except in March), this would be my only chance to present a talk at Talk.CSS, before the curtain call. So I had only a little over a week to acquire equipment, think of a topic, put together said PowerPoint presentation, and practice. And I only managed to do all but the last one.

But I guess it didn’t matter that I didn’t get to practice, because I didn’t need it. In my very limited experience with presentations (due to anxiety and selective mutism), and my extensive experience answering questions on Stack Overflow, I’ve always known that I was a decent presenter, and I just needed the right, limited audience to feel safe and comfortable speaking. Presenting virtually on a Zoom conference was another great way to get me comfortable as well.

I told Georgie, as well as the other Stack Overflow mods (mostly because Samuel happened to have been a regular attendee), and some folks from church. And they came to support me, alongside Hui Jing, Chris, and Eric. I shout these folks out at various points in my talk.

So… I have, indeed and at last, put the ‘talk’ in Talk.CSS. And I had the utmost honor of having Eric Meyer listen to my very first talk. I’m glad people learned something new from it.

I only <tongue-in-cheek>regret</tongue-in-cheek> the following misses:

Lastly, if you’ll indulge me, a couple of screenshots of the event page for posterity before its layout goes through the typical archival metamorphosis:

Design in the background by Eric Meyer: Our designs are filled with elements, and every element has its own background area, where a potentially infinite number of layers can be created. Eric will explore a number of ways to use that design space in ways both eye-catching and subtle. Introducing :is() and :where() by Daniel Tan: After many years, we’re finally close to using :is() and :where() to simplify our selectors everywhere. Daniel shares what these pseudo-classes are all about.
Our talk synopses.
Eric A. Meyer (@meyerweb) is an author, speaker, blogger, teacher, consultant, and co-founder of An Event Apart. He’s been working on the Web since 1993 and still finds it deeply compelling. Daniel (@NOVALISTIC) got their start on the web writing HTML on Neopets at the wee age of 8. You may know them as BoltClock from their Flash animations on Newgrounds or their HTML/CSS contributions on Stack Overflow.
My speaker profile, right next to Eric Meyer’s.

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