It’s my 28th birthday!

Happy birthday to me, I’m officially 28! This afternoon I got to see Spies in Disguise with some folks from church I’m comfortable with, breaking a 16-year curse of never having a proper even-numbered birthday celebration with anyone. And while I was really scared sitting in the pitch-black cinema for several minutes, when the screen finally came on it did so with no sudden sound effects and I was never startled. I’m pretty glad.

Spies in Disguise poster.
Spies in Disguise poster.

Anyway, elephant in the room — I never got around to making my announcement regarding Stack Overflow, and I’m still not ready to say a word about my life situation in general. I will say that my current break from the site

  1. is intermittent,
  2. is unplanned, and
  3. has very little to do with anything on part of Stack management.

Oh and I still have no plans to step down as moderator, so don’t worry. Things aren’t terrible on my end. In the short term (i.e. sometime this month) I plan to update my battlestation with my biggest incremental update to Radiance yet. Beyond that I will continue to work on the updates to the LEGO Room that I mentioned last year, as well as miscellaneous housekeeping elsewhere on my site.

But in general, I will be taking things slow. I wish I didn’t have to, but right now I have to if I want to keep it together for a little longer, and to be clear it’s still a nice thing to be able to do, not something I’m reluctantly settling for. Talk to you later.

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