Today’s tiny win

This might be a very unusual post given that the blog has thus far remained on a “post something substantial once in a blue moon” basis since the last time I discussed that, but I’ve been in a very rough place over the last couple of weeks and I believe this will make things momentarily interesting. If you’re familiar with the concept of asides in blogs, you’ll understand this post’s existence right away.

This post is inspired by a series of posts my friend Georgie recently started. You can learn more on her blog. We’ve been exchanging tiny wins privately for some time so this is not unfamiliar territory to me, I just never posted about it before now.

So, today’s tiny win: shipped an update to this blog’s WordPress theme that does nothing except remove the calls to body_class() and post_class().

The rationale is simple: no point keeping dozens of class names in markup you know you will never use. The vast majority of custom themes and themes made widely available will of course use them one way or another, but mine won’t.

Sure, I may not be saving kilobytes of bandwidth per page load, but it’s still something, and bandwidth does add up pretty quickly no matter the scale. And for the author of the markup — the human — it means less polluted and therefore more readable markup. Maybe you don’t care about that sort of thing (it sure seems that way for most authors these days), but I do.

That is all.

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