It’s my 26th birthday!

Happy birthday to me, I’m officially 26!

As another uneventful even-numbered birthday, here’s another fun fact: ten years ago, my 16th birthday in 2008 was when I had intended to launch NOVALISTIC 3.0 “Oltanis”, which, from the About page, was:

An attempt at creating an online resource for web developers, with tutorials, assets, and even a discussion forum. Codenamed “Oltanis”, I spent months implementing version 3.0 between 2007 and 2008 before finally deciding not to launch it as I realized it was too large of a commitment for myself.

At 26, not only do I still think I’m not ready for such a commitment, but I think the web has largely moved beyond tutorial sites and discussion forums. Oltanis was a relic of its time, for sure.

I should probably start some sort of birthday fun fact thing here each year, huh?

Anyway, speaking of the number 16, it was’s sweet sixteen last November! Here’s my tweet about it in case you missed it:

And if you haven’t noticed the fact that my site is now mostly on HTTPS yet, to commemorate my domain name’s sweet sixteen it now has its own SSL certificate, courtesy of DigiCert through their Microsoft MVP offer!

Most of the site has been transitioned, but not all of it just yet. I’ll be posting about my move to SSL in full once I get that wrapped up.

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