The Flash Games Postmortem by John Cooney

Zach Saucier shared a link to the following nostalgic GDC talk by John Cooney of Kongregate that I don’t know how I missed:

He’s no Tom Fulp, but he does a bang up job covering every high-level aspect of Flash game development imaginable, from stats and monetization with Mochi Media, to collaborating with other talented individuals, to getting your content stolen — the latter two of which have happened to me, and I’m no game developer (other than the ‘B’ee Game): I participated in no fewer than half a dozen collabs, and somebody once had the audacity to steal an animation I made for a national competition — which Tom personally handled for me.

Welcome to the world I was in for the 5–6 years of my life before I became active in software development and Stack Overflow.

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