It’s my 24th birthday!

Happy birthday to me, I’m officially 24! w00t!

As this is my first birthday since launching NOVALISTIC 5.0 “Veldin”, here’s a fun fact for you: I’ve always wanted to launch my site on my birthday, but not once has it ever happened.

However, launching this iteration at the end of November 2015 is one of the closest I’ve come to a commemorative launch date, because the domain name was first registered in November 2001. The closest is NOVALISTIC 2.0, which was launched in the first week of November 2006, around the fifth anniversary of the domain.

So, that was a little nugget of trivia for you.

While I have plans later this month, I don’t have any for today, so I’ve just taken the opportunity to catch a break and play some games. I haven’t played TF2 in a while, so that’s exactly what I spent the past three hours on. To be honest, the gameplay changes brought about by the Tough Break Update have really shaken things up for me as a Pyro main, and I’ve been finding it difficult to adjust. So I don’t see myself playing as often as I used to for a while.

Which just means more time for me to focus on adding new stuff to my site! Although I did just update my Steam Wishlist, and there’s a few hours left of the Steam Winter Sale, so if you’d rather I played more games than worked on stuff…

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